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Christian Survivors

We are an active community for survivors of all types of abuse. Our aim is to create a safe oasis to provide friendship, understanding, and support to survivors of child abuse, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, ritual abuse, trafficking, Spiritual abuse & all other forms of abuse.

Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project

Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project (KASP), provides a wide range of free confidential counselling and support services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse age 16 or over throughout North East Fife.

Survivors UK

Website for men who have suffered rape and sexual abuse.

Women's Aid

Women's Aid is the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. We support a network of over 500 domestic and sexual violence services across the UK.




ADDISS, The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service

ADDISS is a charity that provides information, training and support for parents, sufferers and professionals in the fields of ADHD and related learning and behavioural difficulties.

ADHD Training and Support for Clinicians

This website is sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government and aims to give information about ADHD to clinicians, including general practitioners, community paediatricians and child & adolescent mental health staff.

Attention Fife

Attention Fife is a Fife-wide support and information network for children and families affected by difficulties of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, including ADD and ADHD. They aim to encourage self-help, raise awareness, share experiences of positive options and empower people to make informed choices.





As an independent mental health advocacy service, AdvoCard is part of a network of mental health advocacy services covering Edinburgh. We are unique however in that we are the only service in Edinburgh that works with individuals who have experience of mental ill health and who are living in the community.

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA)

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) promotes, supports and defends the principles and practice of independent advocacy across Scotland.



Alcohol Support

Alcohol and Families (Alcohol Concern)

The Alcohol and Families website is provided by the Alcohol Concern charity. It is dedicated to supporting professionals working with children and their parents in the health, education and social sector in understanding and working with the issues involved in parental alcohol misuse. There are sections aimed at children and parents.



Alternative Therapy




See Me...

'see me' is Scotland’s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.



Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Anxiety Alliance

Help, advice and support for those suffering from phobias, panic attacks, obsessional compulsive disorder, tranquilliser and anti-depressant withdrawal, by self-help methods.

Anxiety UK (formerly The National Phobics Society)

National support group offering range of services for those affected by anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, other phobias.

The mission of is to educate patients, families, caregivers and the community about anxiety and panic disorders in order to relieve suffering, instill hope, and improve lives.

Relaxation for Living Institute

Relaxation for Living Institute promotes the teaching of relaxation techniques to combat stress, strain, anxiety and tension.






Bipolar Disorder

'Lithium' Rock mental health!

Bipolar is the new Rock 'n' Roll ! ;)

Bipolar Scotland

The aims of Bipolar Scotland are to provide information, support and advice for people affected by bipolar disorder/manic depression and all who care, to promote Self-Help throughout Scotland, to inform and educate about the illness and the organisation.


I am Electroboy. My name is Andy Behrman and I am the author of the forthcoming book from Random House in the U.S. and Viking/Penguin in the U.K. titled "Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania." The book will be published in the U.S. in February and in the U.K. in March 2002. "Electroboy" is a chronicle of my battle with manic depression, year of madness and my experience with electroshock therapy.

Manic Depression Bipolar Affective Disorder

Manic Depression Fellowship A user-led organisation providing support nation-wide. Established in 1983 the Manic Depression Fellowship (MDF) is a national user-led organisation and registered charity for people whose lives are affected by manic depression. MDF aims to enable people affected by manic depression (bi-polar) to take control of their lives through the services that we offer members.

Meehl Foundation - A Non-Profit Foundation for Families of Bipolar and BPD Disorder

The Meehl Foundation offers Families the ability to step out of the chaos and stride successfully into fulfilling relationships with the Bipolar person living in their life by giving the family the information and healing tools needed.... Bipolar information, answers, and help are readily available through our web site - as are many other questions relating to Bipolar depression, Bipolar mania, Bipolar family support, Bipolar disorder symptoms, Bipolar disorder treatment, living with a Bipolar spouse and/or living with a Bipolar family member!

Mental Health Survival Guide

Useful link for information about mental health but targeted at people affected by bipolar disorder.




Anti-Bullying Network (The)

The Anti-Bullying Network was established at the University of Edinburgh and is a registered charity. The Network's objectives include supporting anti-bullying work in schools and operating a website providing information about bullying and how it can be tackled. There are sections aimed at schools, young people and parents & families.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK is a charity that gives practical information and advice to young people and their parents, and works with schools, youth organisations, police forces and health trusts. There are sections aimed at pupils, parents and schools.




Fife Families Support Project

Information and support for the close friends, partners and relatives of people in Fife who are experiencing mental ill health. Links to other local and national sources of support.



Children & Adolescents

Aberlour Child Care Trust

Aberlour is a charity working in Scotland with and for children, young people and families who need additional support, to promote their development and well being.

Armenian Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists

The official website of Armenian Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists (ACPP) + free (Zung SDS for Mobile Phones) (The J2ME version of the test for MIDP 2.0 compatible mobile phones and devices.)

Attention Fife

Attention Fife is a Fife-wide support and information network for children and families affected by difficulties of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, including ADD and ADHD. They aim to encourage self-help, raise awareness, share experiences of positive options and empower people to make informed choices.

CAMHS Outcome Research Consortium (CORC)

The CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) Outcome Research Consortium is collaboration between child and adolescent mental health services across the UK. The aim is to establish a common model of routine outcome evaluation and to analyse the data collected.

Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit

The Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit is based at the University of Edinburgh and is a specialist research unit that focuses on child and adolescent health within the school-aged population.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre works across the UK and maximises international links to tackle child sex abuse wherever and whenever it happens. There are sections aimed at children, young people, parents/carers and teachers.

Child Protection - Fife

This is the Fife Council website that provides information for children/young people, parents/carers and frontline workers on a wide range of child protection topics. There is also a link to local contact information.

Depression In Teenagers

Written by Cathy Richards, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Nicky Cannon, Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, Eileen Scott, Assistant Psychologist, this website deals with the subject of depression in young people. It is intended that it be used as a resource to help users to recognise the symptoms associated with the condition as well as offering some suggestions about ways to combat these symptoms.

HandsOnScotland Toolkit

HandsOnScotland is an online resource for anybody working with children and young people. The website provides practical information and techniques on how to respond helpfully to children and young people's troubling behaviour, build up their self-esteem and promote their positive mental wellbeing. The website was commissioned by the Scottish government through HeadsUpScotland and was developed by Playfield Institute (NHS Fife) in partnership with Barnardo's and the University of Dundee.

Selective Mutism ~Childhood Anxiety Network

The "CAN" Childhood Anxiety Network is a web-based non-profit organization dealing with all childhood anxiety disorders. A very informative website, with a forum for each anxiety disorder, a forum for teachers, professionals and adults.

The Playfield Institute

Playfield Institute is funded through NHS Fife and aims to empower the workforce to promote the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people. We provide assistance and support to frontline workers who are directly or indirectly involved in the prevention, promotion and care of children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.


YoungMinds is the national charity committed to promoting and improving the mental health of all babies, children and young people. YoungMinds provides support by producing leaflets and booklets to help young people, parents and professionals to understand when a young person feels troubled and where to find help. Specific help to parents is provided through our telephone helpline and through a range of resources covering specific issues affecting their children eg. depression, self harming, eating problems.


Dual Diagnosis


Eating Disorders


A recovery site for sufferers of eating disorders and their carers, run by Anna Paterson, author of "Diet Of Despair", "Running On Empty" and "Anorexic".


Beat is a charity that provides information and help on all aspects of eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, binge eating disorder and related eating disorders. There is a section aimed at young people.

Cassiobury Court

We offer eating disorder treatment plans which offer help in many areas. We offer a psychological, emotional, biological, physical, spiritual solution.

Priory Group - Eating Disorders

The Priory Group has specialist consultants, therapists and nursing teams who deliver some of the UK’s leading treatment in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders. Since 2010, 93% of individuals receiving treatment for an eating disorder have gained weight, and over 90% have improved their attitude towards their diet, body shape and weight.

Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorders Association

Offering help and support to those affected by eating disorders in Somerset and the surrounding counties.


Forums/Message Boards for Support

Social Anxiety Forums

Forum for people who suffer from social anxiety.

Social Phobia & Shyness Portal

This site features a wealth of information related to social phobia and shyness, including descriptions, treatment information, tests, forums, chats, and members directory organized by regions.

A CARING HAVEN depression forum

A small friendly forum for people with depression, anxiety and any other associated illnesses.

Without Borders

BPD community where you can discuss life in general or specific aspects of BPD.

Bodies Under Siege (B.U.S)

A very supportive message board for those who self-harm and also friends and family. Has a very useful section on First Aid too.




General Mental Health

1st Person

1st Person is a magazine devoted to giving accounts, opinion and artwork from the perspectives of people who have had mental health conditions, rather than from the professional point of view.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust

This site provides information about the Trust, it's services and mental health issues in general. It is aimed at potential and existing service users and carers, potential employees and the general public.

Cairn, The

The Cairn advises, promotes, publishes and runs workshops on mental health/illness awareness issues. The first two publications give rare and unusual insight into living with and learning to manage a mental illness - insight from both the patient and her carer. Both books highlight the importance of good psychiatric treatment, the role of support and the value of careful self-management as being the vital aids to recovery.

Care Commission (The)

The Care Commission was set up under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate all adult, child and independent healthcare services in Scotland. They make sure that care service providers meet the Scottish Executive's National Care Standards and work to improve the quality of care.

Lothlorien Theraputic Community

Lothlorien is a therapeutic community for people with mental health problems, situated in a quiet rural setting in South West Scotland. Buddhist values of compassion and tolerance are the basis of our approach, but we are not a religious community and are open to everyone.

MadNOTBad - Experiences, Views & Creativity in Mental Health

MadNOTBad is a space for those affected by mental ill health/distress to share their own insights and creativity online. Service users, family and friends can feel isolated and unheard - i'm hoping that this site will go some way to combat this. I would also like to think that it will help to reduce the stigma and misconceptions surrounding the subject by 'telling it like it is'. The message is 'being mad don't make you bad' and that it's ok to talk about it.

Mental Health Care

This web site is for anyone looking for information about mental illness and the latest research from the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and the Institute of Psychiatry. Mental Health Care is particularly suitable for the carers, friends and family of anyone experiencing a mental illness.

Mental Magazine UK

Mental Magazine uk is an interactive campaigning magazine - for everyone. It has a Yahoo! discussion group attached at

midspace - Midlothian mental health and wellbeing information

Created for the Midlothian community, the site enables people to find appropriate mental health services, make informed choices about treatment and care, find ways to maintain mental health and wellbeing, explore self help opportunities, find out about local events and training opportunities, and keep up to date with local mental health and wellbeing news.

NEO Clinix - Dr. Nadir Elzain Omara - Private Consultant Psychiatrist

My name is Nadir E Omara and I am a Consultant Psychiatrist. By creating NEO Clinix, a specialist mental health and addiction clinics, my aim is to ensure more holistic approach by integrating orthodox psychiatry and complementary (alternative) therapies.

Oxford Mental Health Forum

Oxford Mental Health Forum is a web resource aimed primarily at people living in Oxfordshire affected by mental illness and those who have an interest in mental health.


Medical solutions for Alzheimers disease, memory loss, bipolar disorder, dementia, depression, schizophrenia. Help and information for mental illness, depressed moods or psychiatric disorders. Go for a perfect mental health.

Redbridge Concern For Mental Health

Redbridge Concern for Mental Health website s an on-line resource for people experiencing and recovering from mental health problems. It has extensive information on services and activities for people in the London Borough of Redbridge and also a wide ranging link section.

SAMH - Scottish Association for Mental Health

SAMH is the Scottish Association for Mental Health. With a proud heritage dating back to 1923 SAMH now support over 3000 people with mental health problems every day. We have strengthened our influence at senior levels of government through our dedicated policy and campaigns and we work to raise awareness of positive mental health through the development of our national programmes including 'see me' and respectme.

'See Me'

'See me as a person, not a label.' That's the message at the heart of Scotland's national anti-stigma campaign. Funded by the Scottish Executive as part of its national mental health improvement programme, 'see me' aims to break down the attitudes which lead to stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems.


A service user/carer/survivour network for mental health run by volunteer service users/caerers and survivours of mental health. we employ no waged persons.

The Bright Side- Wings of Support

Whether dealing with a crisis, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life, we all go through difficult periods in our life. When life feels like it's too much of a strain, a little bit of support can go a long way towards helping us cope - that is what The Bright Side is all about.

The Psychiatry Research Trust

The Psychiatry Research Trust is a charity that raises funds for mental illness and brain disease research at the UK's Institute of Psychiatry, a world-leading centre for psychiatric and psychological medicine. The PRT's site contains information for the public written by experts in their field.

The Synergy Network

A Survivor/Consumer (mental health) information intranet site - free to join.


Free mental health advice with a multilingual question-answering system provided by European psychotherapists. Covers eating disorders, obesity, adhd, depression, anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunction and other topics of psychology and mental health.

Working Well Trust Mental Health Charity

Supported employment at Working Well Trust who are a mental health support organisation offering employment opportunities to those with mental health issues. DESCRIPTION prepare for work with mental health charity, Working Well Trust, based in Stratford in East London offering employment training, employment opportunities and supported employment, Working W ell Trust give mental health support using occupational therapies, arts, crafts and I.T. training. is a one-stop internet site that disabled people, carers, family and friends turn to for information, products and services. Since its inception in April this 2001, the site has integrated and continues to integrate all of the most useful information for the disabled in one place.


Interesting eccentric site with links all over the place and madness shown in a positive light!


Medication & Treatments

Dr Lisa Brownell - Consultant Psychiatrist

Website of Dr Lisa Brownell - Consultant Psychiatrist with a Private Practice in Birmingham.


Informational website dedicated to health and medicine. Drugs reviews and comparisons, Brand/Generic name correspondence tool, PDR's Side effects index. The information is based on recent reviews and articles published in the medical literature.

Outside In

Outside In is the UK and European leader in light therapy for treating SAD and other bodyclock related problems.

SAD Lighthire

The Sad Light Hire Company Limited- Suppliers of Lightboxes for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Winter Depression. Rent from £19 per month or buy from £100. Try before you buy. We also supply Natural Alarm Clocks. Telephone FREEPHONE 0800 074 1105 (Anytime). Fax (01704) 501363 or email


Men's Mental Health


Mental Health Law

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health helps you communicate difficult mental health and legal information with service users and carers. It is designed to help frontline staff working in a variety of mental health settings and particularly if you are working with an interpreter. Use it to create customised mental health information sheets



Benefits & Concessions

Benefits Scandal ! Yes it's true, many patients are not claiming benefits to which they are entitled, through lack of information, confusion or even embarrassment.

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

The Centre for Research on Families and Relationships is a consortium research centre based at the University of Edinburgh. The Centre produces and disseminates social research and commentary on families and relationships.

FORWARD - bipolar / manic depression - UK

FORWARD - a bipolar newsletter written by manic depressives for manic depressives, their carers, their families and friends and the public at large...

Mental Health Survival Guide - Watford

It has been suggested that there should be a place on the internet listing mental health community resources in Watford. This page is a step in that direction. Enjoy your stay and be sure to add your input via the Guestbook.

MIDAS - Mental In Diagnosis Agency Service

Part time employment agency service for those with a mental illness.


Mood Disorders

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a free and confidential phoneline service for any individual, who is experiencing low mood or depression, or who is unusually worried and in need of someone to talk to. It is part of the National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland and is funded by the Scottish Executive Health Department.

Depression Alliance Scotland

Depression Alliance Scotland is a charity that aims to ensure that those affected by depression and their carers are provided with the information, support, understanding and care needed for the best quality of life. There is a section aimed at young adults.

Depression in Teenagers

This website is aimed at teenagers, and provides activities that help young people spot the signs and symptoms of depression, give self-help tips, advice on helping friends, and suggestions of where to go for further information, advice and support. It was developed by the Young People's Unit at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous

The site of the Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous, the only UK national charity for depressives that is run entirely by past or present sufferers of depression, on a voluntary basis. FDA produce regular newsletters, provide information on local groups, and have a penfriend scheme.

Find the Light Online Support Group

Find the Light Online Support Group provides invaluable support for those suffering from anxiety. Free message forum, chat room, and email support. Depression Resource Center

Features medical news, health articles, doctor-produced video webcasts, message boards and chat rooms, email, newsletters, books and reviews, and resource directories on Depression.

Poetry reflecting life's journey

Personal site of Sue Holt who uses poetry and the written word to help her to deal with manic depression. Sues poems are raw and gritty yet tinged with hope. Sue shows great inner strength.

SAD Association

The world's longest established support organisation for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Personal Homepages

Bob's Guitar Tips

All of Bob's Guitar Tips :)

Direct Payments

Direct Payments is a strange beast. If you don't ask for it, you won't get it.

Misty Mirrors

This web page contains the personal story, essays, and poetry of a sufferer of schizophrenia and depression.

The Developmentals

The Developmentals are a new mental health service user music playing ensemble based in Mind at Hertford, Hertfordshire / Herts UK. It is early days yet but The Developmentals could soon become a major player in the arena of daycentre entertainment.


Personality Disorders

Borderline UK Ltd

Borderline UK is a national user-led network of people within the United Kingdom who meet the criteria, or who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or, as it is often known in the UK, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (Borderline Type). This web site aims to provide information on all aspects of BPD - how it is defined, current theories of what may cause it, treatment options and details of the latest news, conferences and initiatives in the field. It also contains information on Borderline UK, who we are and what we're trying to achieve.

BPD Recovery

BPD Recovery is a site that focuses on recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder. This site was founded in 2002 by a recovered Borderline - Ash - as a result of the ever-increasing need to get the word out that recovery from BPD is possible.


Mental health organisation offering information, advice and support but focusing on borderline personality disorder.

Life at the Border

Welcome to "Life at the Border." I'm Dr. Leland Heller. As a Family Physician, I have a different perspective on mental health than those that deal only with mental health issues. I see patients with BPD (borderline personality disorder) from all over the world.

MPD/DID a Legitimate Diagnosis

Exploring the causes, symptoms and treatment of a legitimate diagnosis of MPD/DID with support tips for survivors and supporters of survivors with MPD/DID. A spiritual healing.

Personality Disorder Support Community

PDChat is a non-profit organisation funded solely on donations. The staff members are all volunteers who donate their time generously in order to keep the site as secure and as friendly as possible.


Post Traumatic Stress

Gift From Within-PTSD Resources

Gift From Within, an international nonprofit organization is dedicated to those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals. Educational materials include videotapes, books and articles for both clinicians and those experiencing PTSD.



Angela Rhydderch Counselling Service

I provide general individual counselling for Depression, Post Natal Depression, Youth, Schools, Parenting Problems, Anger Management and Educational Special Needs.



Doctors Guide - Schizophrenia

The latest medical news and information for patients or friends/parents of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Hearing Voices Network

If you hear voices HVN can help we are commited to helping people who hear voices. Our reputation is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to voices become better known. Psychiatry refers to hearing voices as 'auditory hallucinations' but our research shows that there are many explanations for hearing voices. Many people begin to hear voices as a result of extreme stress or trauma.

National Voices Forum

The National Voices Forum (Voices) is the (ex)service user and survivor network within the National Schizophrenia Fellowship. We are a SELF-HELP group, run entirely by users of mental health services for users.

NSF Scotland - National Schizophrenia Fellowship

This is a new organisation of which the Fellowship is a member. Its aim is to campaign against stigma.

Online Schizophrenia Resource

Extensive information, resources, self-check tools and support on symptoms, causes, diagnosis an treatment options of schizophrenia aimed to patients, family and caregivers.

Schizoaffective Disorder - My Personal Experience

A personal account of a mental health illness with similarities to schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

Schizophrenia - Open the doors

World information on Schizophrenia

The website provides patients, family members, and caregivers with information on schizophrenia and related mental illnesses.

The experience of schizophrenia

Welcome to my home page here in Guelph Ontario Canada. I have schizophrenia and have been on medication now since 1990, the length of time I have lived in Guelph. I'm 48 and my schizophrenia started in late adolescence.

Voice Hearers Mailing List

An email mailing list for people who hear voices, to offer support, discuss coping strategies, and discuss life with voices, the good and bad of it.

World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders

An international education and support network for families and friends of people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses worldwide.



Basement Project

The Basement Project is a community resource providing support groups and helpful literature for individuals. Our work has a particular focus on abuse and self-harm. We have an educational programme for workers which includes training, supervision, consultation, research and publications. The income from this work helps finance our direct work with people

Bristol Crisis Service for Women

We offer a confidential helpline service on Friday and Saturday nights between 9.00pm and 12.30am. We provide a safe supportive environment for women in emotional distress.

Can't Shout, Can't Scream

A place for broken hearts to heal, for angels to learn to fly again, for those who hurt inside and out and those who love them, to learn and be comforted and to let their voices sing out WE WILL SHOUT, WE WILL SCREAM, WE WON?T HURT OURSELVES TO GET OUR PAIN OUT.

Equilibrium - A new breed of user led awareness

Equilibrium is an award winning project designed to help educate and support people who self harm and their family and friends. This the first project of it's kind, once completed, the site will have a support board, user orientated galleries (photos and artwork), personal literature, coping mechanisms, directory of organisations/websites, alternative therapies, grounding tips, first aid support, explanations of various forms of self injury, self diagnosis charts, video/audio diaries, and even the possibility of online counselling and/or therapy.


harm-ed is a recently-established independent training partnership based in the North West which provides training for all services who have contact/work with people who self-injure. The training partners, Clare and Terri Shaw, come from user and carer backgrounds and draw on these direct experiences of self-harm as well as their experiences of nursing, academic research, professional practice and self-harm activism. Both have extensive experience of teaching and training, and have published widely on self-harm and related issues. They have worked with services ranging from housing and homelessness to mental health, education to criminal justice, drugs and alcohol to child protection. Specific training packages include: basic/advanced self-harm awareness; young people and self-harm; working with self-harm in prisons; working with people with a Borderline Personality Disorder; and harm-minimisation practice. Training sessions can extend from one hour to two days; and can be tailored to suit the needs of any service.


Harmless is a national user led organisation that provides information, support, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals. Self harm does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, sex, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Neither do we. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

National Self-Harm Network

The National Self-Harm Network is a UK focused survivor-led organisation, founded in 1994. We are committed to campaigning for the rights and understanding of people who self-harm.

Pretty On The Inside

Welcome to Pretty On The Inside - a site devoted to those living with self - injury. Many sufferers, like myself, feel unable to share their feelings about their self harm experiences with those closest to them - thus increasing the severity of the guilt and shame that are a typical aspect of the practice of deliberate self injury.

Welcome to (formerly, one of the biggest and best Self Harm Communities on the Internet. We strongly believe in a free and open atmosphere here and our non-judgemental approach to all things Self Harm has been a help to thousands of people already. Come in and join us! You're not alone anymore...

Self Injury: A Struggle

Gabrielle's struggle with self-harm, lots of articles, stories and poetry.

Self Injury: You are not the only one

The biggest resource on Self-Harm.

Will you still love me when I'm sane?

This site is not so much my story as fragments torn from my darkest memories and experiences.


Self Help

Dental Phobia

If you suffer from dental phobia or fear, you're not alone. This site provides information, tips and resources for anyone who is terrified of dentists.


MoodGYM is an interactive, online CBT program developed by researchers at the Australian National University. The program is available free of charge and is used by thousands of registered users from around the world. Randomised controlled trials have shown that MoodGYM is effective in reducing depressive symptoms and dysfunctional thoughts in users.


Substance Related Disorders

Customised training on drugs and alcohol

A range of customised courses on drugs and alcohol issues for workers and volunteers.



ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

ASIST teaches Suicide First Aid skills to anyone who may come into contact with a person at risk, through the most widely used Suicide Intervention Model in the world.

Befrienders International

Befrienders International is a registered charity, developing volunteer action to prevent suicide in 41 countries worldwide and providing information on the Internet. Our site features the world's most comprehensive directory of emotional first aid helplines.

C.A.S.T.S - Caring for All Suicide Trauma Survivors

C.A.S.T.S is a Wirral (Merseyside, UK) based voluntary resource, offering counselling and support to anyone bereaved or affected by a death via suicide. Online support is also always available, no matter where you are! CASTS was founded by a survivor of multiple family suicide and qualified counsellor. It is a not-for-profit, free support service offering one to one counselling sessions to anyone who has experienced a death (no matter when it took place) through suicide. No one is excluded...and CASTS exists to help anyone who has been affected directly or indirectly.

Choose Life

A National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland. The Scottish Executive's Choose Life strategy was launched in December 2002 and forms a key part of the National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Well-Being in Scotland.

Living with Suicide

Shared Experiences and Voices of Loss

SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

The mission of SAVE is to educate about suicide prevention and to speak for suicide survivors.

SoBs - Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

SOBS (Survivors Of Bereavement by Suicide) is a self-help, voluntary organisation. Many of those helping have, themselves, been bereaved by suicide. We exist to meet the needs and break the isolation of those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.

A Place for Hope and Compassion for the Depressed and Suicidal. Emotional support for severe clinical depression, vitamin and antidepressant therapy treatments for clinical depression, suicide prevention and crisis intervention for those who are gravely suicidal.

Suicide - Read this first

If you are feeling suicidal now, please stop long enough to read this. It will only take about five minutes. I do not want to talk you out of your bad feelings. I am not a therapist or other mental health professional - only someone who knows what it is like to be in pain.


Support, Crisis & Helplines

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a free and confidential phoneline service for any individual, who is experiencing low mood or depression, or who is unusually worried and in need of someone to talk to.

C.A.L.L Helpline

C.A.L.L. (Community Advice & Listening Line) offers emotional support and information/literature on mental health and related matters to the people of Wales.

The Samaritans

The Samaritans provides confidential emotional support 24/7 to those experiencing despair, distress or suicidal feelings. Contact by phone, email, face to face and other. Volunteers and donations online are also welcomed by this volunteer based charity.


Our national helpline, providing confindential support and information to those affected by mental health problems and their carers, families, friends and colleagues, as well as interested professionals.


Therapy & Psychology

Anchor Counselling

Anchor Counselling is an association of highly-trained therapists offering psychotherapy and counselling at clinics in Harley Street, South London, and Reading. Our aim is to provide a safe haven in which people can take stock of where they are, make changes at whatever pace is right for them, and take charge of their own lives.

Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (The)

The Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice is a registered charity promoting understanding of the relationship between individual wellbeing and family functioning and family dynamics.

Association of Child Psychotherapists

The Association of Child Psychotherapists is a professional organisation for child psychotherapy in the UK.

Authentic Happiness

This website provides information on Positive Psychology, a branch of psychology which includes the study of positive emotion, positive character traits, and positive institutions.

Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic

Welcome to the Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic web site. The following information may assist you with regards to emotional problems and other conditions. As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I use hypno-analytical therapy which can be of great benefit.

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies is a multi-disciplinary interest group for people involved in the practice and theory of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is a registered charity and provides a reference point for anyone seeking information on counselling and psychotherapy in the UK.

British Association of Art Therapists (The)

The British Association of Art Therapists is a professional organisation for art therapists and works to promote art therapy in the UK.

British Psychological Society (The)

The British Psychological Society is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK.

Centre for Confidence and Well-being

The Centre for Confidence and Well-being aims to support individual, organisational and cultural change, mainly through disseminating learning from the growing discipline of Positive Psychology.

Counselling Directory

The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide the UK with a huge counselling support network, enabling those in distress to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will hopefully encourage those in distress to seek help. The website also contains a number of sections on emotional disorders (types of distress section) and provides some useful statistics. Every counsellor on the site who has submitted their profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body online with recognised codes of ethics and practice, this way we can be assured of their professionalism.


All About Counselling

Dance Movement Psychotherapy - London

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is one of the arts therapies. It is based on the principal that how we move reflects and impacts on our emotional processes and thinking patterns. A dance movement psychotherapist will encourage the client to develop and integrate new movement patterns together with emotional changes. This means that a holistic and creative approach is used in helping to find ways of dealing with psychological problems and everyday challenges.


Harley Therapy is a psychotherapy and counselling service in London W1, founded by Dr Sheri Jacobson MBACP psychotherapist & counsellor. It provides professional therapy (cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, humanistic and psychoanalytic) for individuals seeking help with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, grief/loss, eating disorders, phobias, negative body image, physical illness and personal development.

Dr Lucy Atcheson Private Psychologist in London

I provide professional, supportive and successful therapy for individuals and couples seeking help with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, grief/loss, eating disorders, phobias, negative body image, physical illness and personal development.

Good Therapy

An Online Resource for Mental Health and Personal Development that addresses the question 'What is good therapy? and provides information on choosing a therapist, a public forum, articles, and book shop.

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Course - BST Foundation

We offer a range of hypnotherapy courses for different levels, and offer a specialist course in brief strategic therapy. Students who complete the course gain nationally recognized qualifications.

Phoenix Counselling Service

A general counselling service for all mental health issues offering support, serving East London and South Essex. Aims to be accessible to all, affordable and effective.

Private was set up to provide a one-stop service for all aspects of psychiatric and psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people who have a range of psychological problems.


PsychNet-Uk is a mental health and psychology resource site with over 8000 resource links covering all areas of Psychology, Counseling,Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The site has been designed for professionals,students or those wanting to know more about psychology and mental healthpractices in general.

Northampton Counselling

Welcome to my website. My name is Simon Howes, and I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, with a private practice in Northampton. I currently offer evening sessions at the Doddridge Centre, which is five minutes walk from Northampton train station, with ample free parking on site.

Talk and Listen - Online Counselling

Stressed, anxious, depressed? Let Talk and Listen UK help. Our experienced counsellors will work with you to generate new choices, possibilties and insights. Use our confidential service via email, post or telephone. Your first email session is free.

The Therapy Website

A web resource for psychotherapy and counselling. Contains lots of information, articles and ways of feeling support.

Therapy World

This is a professional online counselling service that could help you find that support you need in a very convenient and practical way at a lower cost to you. There are many benefits with Internet therapy for people who need to talk in confidence to a counsellor or psychotherapist for personal reasons, it helps people who need practical support for anxiety attacks and anger management as well as problems with sex or sexual relationships.