Here are the different ways you can donate to MHUK, from as little as £1. All donations will be used for site hosting, forum/message board costs as well as putting together money for merchandise.

1) Buy MHUK's Merchandise Here and get something in return for contributing!

2) The forum has a payment scheme, here you can pay via Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard etc) or via Paypal. There is a "Community Chest" on the left hand side, just above "Mental Health Information" box. Click on "Direct Payment" to make a credit card contribution......which can be as little as you want, next to this you can also "View Contributors" (some will be anonymous). Below this it tells you how much is in our "Community Chest" and payment for the forum is made every 6mths, the amount depends on how many hits we've been getting in the last 6mths prior to payment time which is in October and April each year.

3) To contribute to the Main Site and Chat-Room, you can donate via Paypal

This system uses PayPal (you need to register) and uses credit and debit (switch) cards, is also ideal for overseas members as it also deal with dollars.

4) There is a BOOKSHOP, this is one of the easiest and I suppose nicest way to contribute, as it is through (which many people are familiar with) and in return you are getting a book and the site gets between 5% and 15% commission on every book you buy.